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Hungry? Why Wait? Grab An Jensen.

good morning

This is already an exciting morning. For the first time since the summer began it was cold. I know the heater is shut down and it is such a technical installation that I did know how to turn it on. But after reading a manual, skipping the most part of it, I succeed in turning the heating on just for a few hours. I woke up the kids telling them that today dad will start his journey back home. He will sleep in a hotel this night so tomorrow he will be back. My kids were so happy and without ...

Learning taking pictures

I am doing a course photography and I learn a lot about my camera and about the light you need. It is fun to practice and to see that there is more than just pressing the button to make the picture. I learn about the optical shutter and the zoom and how I can adjust those before making the picture or afterwards at home at the computer. Sometimes if a picture is not nice or the light is not good you can change everything at home with special software. I like this course and I will certainly continuing.